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Since our foundation in 1973, NIPPOH ELECTRIC has focused on the manufacture and sales of the air leak tester, peripheral devices and safety devices for construction machinery.
We are confident that NIPPOH's products contribute to the economic society.

Globalization is advancing throughout the work, and we at NIPPOH have also worked to find outstanding partners overseas. Agencies in Japan and overseas, with home we have partnered, share a strong trust, and continue to aim for the maximum effect from each's standpoint.
Thanks to this effort, our products have been received favorably by our customers. We are deeply grateful to have achieved this growth.

As our company motto states "New perspective for the future", we will continue to listen to comments and advice from the market, and will strive for diverse "creation" for further evolution of NIPPOH products.

We ask for your continued support and achieve as we continue with our developments.

Kunihiko Tanaka President
NIPPOH Electric Co., Ltd.

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