TLT 3000/5000


The NLT-123AC type differential pressure air leak tester presented by NIPPOH incorporates an improved differential sensor performance and smaller size.

A bi-color LCD, similar to conventional models, has been adopted to improve information visibility.
An appealing price has been realized with further cost reductions.
Consider incorporating this air leak tester in your systems.


Either electro-pneumatic regulator (E) or manual regulator (R) is indicated after the model.
Items Details
Model NLT-123ACL- NLT-123ACM- NLT-123ACH- NLT-123ACV-
Test pressure range 1kPa – 50kPaa 5kPa – 300kPa 5kPa – 700kPa 5kPa – 100kPa
Pressure minimum detection 0.1Pa
Leak detectivity 0.1cc/sec: per 100cc
Unit Pa、kPa、ccm、ccmL、/min、psi、bar
Display Fluorescent display tube
Differential pressure sensor NIPPOH reactance method
Accuracy FS 0.5%
Differential pressure sensor resistance 1.5MPa
Operating temperature 5 - 50°C
Test medium Air (dry air recommended)
Test pressure setting Auto-pressure control Electro-pneumatic regulator Required pressure parameter pre-setting
Main valves Air operate valve
Operable works Work No. Switch between 16 internal and external patterns
Communication RS-232-C communication
Graph display Available
Time settings Inclusion time, Stabilizing time, measurement time, (0 - 999.9sec)
Input signals Reed or proximity allowable
Output signals OK, NG
Capacity Reed 100VAC 0.3A
Air port size PT1/4
Weight 7.5kg
Power 100VAC-240VAC 50/60Hz Max. 50VA

External diagram

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