TLT 3000/5000


What is an air leak tester?

When manufacturing machine parts or industrial products, the leak test is an extremely important especially for controlling the quality. Methods which submerge a work in water and check the bubbles are commonly used. However, these methods are not suitable for metal parts which are susceptible to water, and may cause leaks to be overlooked. The air leak tester is an alternate method which checks for the presence of fine holes using air.


This air leak tester can be used to inspect products such as engine heads, engine blocks, carburetors, master brakes, brake wheels, transmission, headlights, various pumps, waterproofing devices, piping joints, gas components, drinking bottle caps, food packages, and fishing buoys.

NIPPOH ELECTRIC is a specialist of leak testers.
We have a diverse lineup of products to match your needs.

Model Method Features Test pressure range
NLT-123 Series   Simple functions and low price
NLT-123AC-R Differential pressure method  
TLT-5000 Series   Various works of multiproduct are supported with a single unit. Data is controlled with USB.
TLT-5600 type Flow method Leak rate is directly displayed.
TLT-5300 type Direct pressure method Pressure drop elements are extracted from test pressure.
TLT-5000 type Differential pressure method Equipped with NIPPOH's original differential sensor.
TLT-3000 Series   Perfect for low-volume, multiproduct and high-volume single product lines.
TLT-3650 type Flow method Supports extremely small flow rates. Work No. can be controlled.
TLT-3600 type
TLT-3000 type Differential pressure method Supports large flow rates. Work No. can be controlled.
TLT-2000 Series Differential pressure method Equipped with NIPPOH's original differential pressure sensor.
Provided with quick charge function.

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